Driving Range

UNC Finley has a state of the art practice facility. There's five target greens to shoot at from the 500-foot long grass practice tee or from our 42 mats. There's also a chipping green for the general public.

The mats are used from Monday through Thursday, then the grass on Friday through Sunday. When you play the more expensive weekend round, you get to use the grass tees. However, you won't be disappointed when you use the mats. They're the best that money can buy.

When you hit from the right-hand side of the tee, it's like a fairway going down there. If I was coming out here to work on my game, I'd pick this area to work on my tee shots. You can visualize working the ball either left to right or right to left. It very much simulates a real tee shot.

The sand bunker placement around the greens gives you really good shot visualization. You can, if you use your imagination, play an entire round on this practice range.